The Lotus Biscoff cookies convince with a unique caramel taste. Try and enjoy the cookies with an aromatic cup of coffee.

Content: 250 grams (€1.00* / 100 grams)

Coffee Capsule Holder
You believe, there's not enough room in your shelf for all our wonderful coffees?Don't let that concern stop you from browsing our store!With this elegant coffee capsule holder, you can store capsules in a space-saving way and put an end to tedious searching and rummaging. The simple frame is not too obtrusive, but still very chic due to the gold-colored metal. In addition, you get an optimal overview of your supplies and can place a new order in the MY COFFEE CUP Shop in time, when your favorite flavor is coming to an end.

Milk Frother
Fluffy and airy. Light but creamy. Mild, yet rich - that's the milk foam on your lips, before the intense coffee flavour hits your tongue directly afterwards and any aroma can unfold, whether sweet, tart, roasted or nutty.A pleasant sip that will make you dream. And it's completely homemade: at the press of a button, you'll feel like you're in the most beautiful café in Paris in only a few moments. Whether cow's milk or oat, almond and co - every coffee lover deserves perfect coffee, every coffee deserves perfect milk foam.